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Why we should use low fidelity prototyping

First of all we must get clear what is prototyping, how we can benefit from prototype and the differences between low, and high fidelity prototyping. Why you should prototype Prototype helps saving resources, money and time. Prototyping can also help clearing your mind and thinking about new solutions for your problem. There is people who think that prototyping is creating the user interface of something, a system, a product, a software, etc. They think this is the phase where we must decide the colors, the icons, the visual appearance. Well they are wrong. In a prototyping stage we are not evaluating the user interface in a visual design perspective. First and before that, we are evaluating the structure and creating something that we can test. In a testing phase our prototype will serve as a guidance to evaluate the usability and experience of our real users. Always remember that a…